Tuesday, February 21, 2017

My 21Week Scan

So yesterday I had my detail and gender scan. It took about half an hour. The baby was sleeping I guess he didn't stir much. It was difficult to check his spine due to the fact that he laid on his back.

At the beginning we found out the gender first. The sonographer asked whether I want to know the gender. I said yeah sure. You know already right, she said. Iwas like huh? (stared blank at the monitor). I did see some sort of a round thingy in between the legs. But isn't it supposed to look like a trunk? It's a BOY she said. My husband confirmed and said he saw something stuck out behind the ball which I was oblivious to.

Alhamdulillah all praises to God the baby has complete organs, so far everything is good. Developing normally. It's about 400grams now. I gained 1kg in a week which is good. BP was normal. InsyaAllah Allah will ease everything until birth and beyond.

So now that I know I'm carrying a boy a bit of pressure went off me.
Looking back kind of makes me think was there REALLY a difference pregnant with boys or girls?

Let's see whether my pregnancy fits the old wives tale...
1. Tummy low and grows forward -> true for me
2. Big appetite: : nope. This might be in fact my most un-appetizing pregnancy ever
3. Crave meat : i crave fruits, soup, and anything that is not RICE
4. More emotionally stable: True dat
5. My girl toddler is so attached to me :  true but maybe just coincidence? She's very independent and suddenly since beginning of the pregnancy she became overly attached. She even consistently predicted she'll have a brother
6. Crave salty : hmmmmm, not quite true. I do crave wafers once in a while
7. No morning sickness : Well, I do get night sickness, not morning sickness
8. Pregnancy glow : I do have good hair and skin even though small pimples broke out in the beginning.
9. Heart rate 140 and below: Nope, the first USG saw his heartrate was 168
10. Chinese gender chart: Well unfortunately, majority of the chinese calender I tested said girl.
So true for 4 out of 10?

From my personal experience the difference in pregnancies are:
1. The way I carry. Since the beginning the tummy have been sticking out. For both of my girls I started out all around.
2. Morning sickness. I don't get morning sickness, just night sickness and it never switched. With my girls I get morning AND evening sickness.
3. Appetite. With my girls, once the sickness subsided I ate like a monster. All that goes in, never comes out (at least in 2nd tri), and I have cravings. Various cravings. With this one, I eat to survive. I've never had horrible sickness but once I eat too much I throw up. NO cravings whatsoever. Because sometimes what I crave is not what I can eat. This is as I mentioned, my healthiest pregnancy ever. The only thing that I don't throw up when I overeat is FRUITS! And I crave fruits almost every single day and they say fruits cravings mean girl.
4. Lots of energy. Well, carrying girls maybe more exhausting. Because all I ever wanted to do with them was SLEEP. I always took afternoon naps with my girls. This one? I'm an energizer bunny until night sets in.
5. Sex drive. Carrying girls twice increased my sex drive. Carrying this boy, I think I could care less of when was the last time I did it hahahahaha
6. Cow milk consumption. I think this has nothing to do with gender. It just so happens that THIS time, I can drink low fat cow milk. I still can't bear full cream milk and ice cream. With my girls I couldn't take it. And they developed an allergy to milk and eczema.

Every pregnancy is different, but though pregnancies with both girls were different, there were similarities. Even though this third one is different there are some similarities.
But like I said, I'm feeling boy. And maybe it's a mother's instinct. In the end, a healthy baby is what is most important. So whatever gender it is, they are still a blessing.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

20 Weeks ++

Alhamdulillah! Half way to go!

Next week is my detail scan+my gender scan. So excited and anxious, I don't know, I hope so much for a boy but I don't want to be too disappointed if it's a girl.

We prepared names already. For a boy it's gonna be Altair Ra'uf, for girl it'll be Aeris Raifa. Altair is the name of the main character in PS game, assassin's creed. Ra'uf is one of the asmaul husna which means compassionate. Aeris is one of the character in FFVII game, Raifa is the female version of Ra'uf. So yes, this time the theme is VIDEO GAME CHARACTERS!!!!!

My husband is so into games we thought to put it onto one of our kids' names. I love Assasin's creed and FF, though I'm no gamer.

This week's update:

1. Still limited rice for me.... Seriously I can eat rice once a week!
2. Weight gain within this month I guess about 1-1.5kg. My stomach is expanding forward. So far no water retention anywhere.
3. Baby moves so actively now. Kicking, punching here and there. Turning about. It's so busy in there. It's still staying on my right side. It's so difficult to sleep now on my sides, especially my right side. .
4. I still vomit occasionally, especially if I overstuff myself.
5. Snacking wise, I eat go naturals fruits n nuts (expensive!!), fruits, nuts. Now trying to switch to plain HiLo milk, so far so good.
6. I got brownish discharge with pulling sensation below. Just to ensure everything's fine I went to A&E. Cervix was closed, no bleeding, only leftover brownish inside, heartbeat was found, no infection. So alhamdulillah everything was fine. The discharge came out from nowhere. Maybe from my ever expanding uterus. I do expand really fast these past 2-3 weeks.

Hoping for a healthy troublefree pregnancy and a smooth (hoping for normal vaginal) delivery.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Pre-natal Yoga

I have been doing the yoga exercises for 1 year now. I found that it benefits my body a lot. It tightens my stomach muscles, train my unused muscles, and rebalance my body. I have been asking my friends to try and do it since it's good for physical exercise. But I guess most of my Muslim friends stick to the haraam fatwa since it's a Hindu tradition, hence it's considered a religious thing.

I still continue to do it though because in my class:
1. There's no Indian music or chanting. It's purely stretching, exercising, concentrating, and breathing.
2. No meditation whatsoever.
3. I found no traces of Indian religious practices.

Therefore in my own understanding, insyaAllah it's safe. Well, even though for a "truly" Islamic point of view it's not REALLY Islamic. Things like, a mixed class, male instructor etc etc etc. But I try my best to dress up as covered as possible.

Ever since I got pregnant, I remembered for my previous 2 I didn't exercise. I got lots of complaints and discomforts. So this time round I tried to continue my yoga class. Since my instructor is also a licensed prenatal yoga instructor. So I took a beginner's class with modified movements. The class was small so it was easy to look after 1 pregnant lady.

I'm planning to do this til the delivery day, but I'll see how it goes. I've attended 3 classes and felt refreshed. I hope everything goes well

Monday, January 23, 2017

17 Weeks +++

Ending my 17 wk count soon. This week I can slightly feel my baby move. Previously I felt something but I thought it was just gas, well, guess not. It's always on my right side. But not every day. Now is nearing 18 weeks and I'm feeling nothing again.

So far everything's good. No more vomiting whatsoever (expect occasionally when I eat something that triggers my acid reflux). Still not a big fan of canned drinks, plain water (replaced with infused lemon water. I do drink lots of plain water in the wee hours), chocolates, plain white rice, instant noodles, coconut milk food based, sweet stuff (except candies). All those food still make me throw up.

A huge fan of soupy stuff (noodles, udon, ramen), pastas, anything sour and salty, spicy stuff, fresh fruits, veggies, lattes (1 cup a day max, I swear!).

It's pretty much my healthiest pregnancy appetite ever (except the latte). I now even can drink strawberry milk in the morning, considering I couldn't drink cow milk AT ALL during both previous pregnancies. I don't crave specific things much. Any food is fine as long as I don't eat PLAIN RICE. Nasi lemak, nasi uduk, nasi liwet, nasi goreng are fine. I do WANT UDON so much these days but haven't found it yet. I like meat, chicken skin (SERIOUSLY!), but plain spiceless chicken meat me no likey.

Not a big fan of snacking as well. I snack on fruits cause most snacks are not filling and in the end they are just creating gas in my stomach making it uncomfortable. So snack a bit, filled up with fruits.

This time round I also have pimples popping out on my forehead, chin, nose. But I think it's settled down now. My hair seems to be healthier and it has more volume (preparation before the "autumn of hairfall season" after birth I guess). Enjoy all while it lasts.

I don't look pregnant if you see me from the front or the back, but I do look "bigger" seen from the side.
My next check up is still in 4 weeks time. By then I'll be 22 weeks, and we can see the gender. I'm feeling a boy to be honest but it can still be a girl. I'll get lots of pity if it's another girl though. Humans!

Monday, January 9, 2017

15 weeks+

I went to see the doctor today for my 4th month checkup. Not gonna see her anymore until my 22 weeks when my scan is due. Being pregnant is expensive. I've spent hundreds of dollars for checkups, scans, and supplements. Later on my 5th month I need to pay the package until delivery date.

Turns out when nobody knows you are pregnant time goes by so fast. To tell you the truth, I look like I have a bloated tummy. That's all. I forgot how I looked like with my previous 2. I remembered I was considering myself as huge. This is my smallest pregnancy ever. At the end of the 4th month I only gained a few hundred grams. I don't snack much, because snacking doesn't help me at all. It just makes me hungrier. I'd rather eat an early meal rather than snacking. My bra size is still the same, when I wear my night gown my tummy does look bulging. But when I wear my pants it just hides. Without a tummy it's really tough to break the news. I can still tuck my tummy in....

However, I show when I sit down XD.

Today's checkup was good. Heartbeats are strong, my haemoglobin is a bit low tho. So she prescribed iron pills, calcium, and neurogain. Supplements for 2 months are already expensive (sigh).

I think so far that's all. I hope everything goes well until the end and beyond Bismillah.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

How Do I Break The News?

Well, the truth is, almost nobody knows I'm pregnant. I don't even suspect it myself hahaha. I do have a bulging tummy but with my loose clothes it's totally not visible. I need to break the news sooner or later but I find the longer I wait the harder it is to tell.

The perks of no one knows that you're pregnant is... everyone treats you the same. You feel no excuse from everything you do. You don't sulk when you don't get a seat in the bus or MRT. You do normal activities. No kepo questions and statements, "boy or girl" or "you look big" or "you look small", etc etc etc. Nobody gives you unnecessary comments or precautions, don't do that, don't eat that. I just want to be pregnant in peace.

Considering that overall (despite the nausea and throwing up at the beginning) I am generally healthy. ALHAMDULILLAH. No spotting so far, no unbearable headaches, no fevers (I got this a lot with #1). Which is why I was able to keep it secret. If I were so sick I couldn't get out of bed, I don't think I could keep it up this long.

I'm entering my 16th week soon and I totally forgot when did I feel my baby move for the first time for my previous children. Nothing yet so far. Only some rumbling of gases inside my tummy. I remembered for #2, At 5 months I already felt so heavy.  I was so big with my previous 2.

I need to tell my parents soon though.... and my in laws. Gosh this is my most secretive phase of life so far!

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

14 Weeks ++

Two weeks ago I had my NT Scan. Because during my 10th wk (supposedly) check up, it seems my gestational age was actually further along by 1 week, so at that time I was already 11+5 week. So the doctor gave me an appointment for NT scan for the following week, and by then I finally got my due date, 2 July 2017.

That was a little hard to digest. My menses was erratic and on October I had spotting from 1-3 October, then it was normal flow all the way to 7th Oct. Looking at the GA, it seems I conceived immediately after menses ended, which is on the 9th Oct. Initially I calculated my due date from the 3rd Oct, which gives me a due date on 9th Jul. When I told the doctor that and she saw my scan, she asked me whether my menses was irregular, I said well, it ranges between 26-30 days and sometimes it started with few days spotting. Which she concluded as irregular (I really don't know what is regular anymore).

So that makes me 14wks + 4 days pregnant now. 

So let's see....

I've been feeling great since the start of the week. I don't vomit anymore. Night time intake still less though. No obvious physical change so far, Since 2 weeks ago I started peeing in the middle of the night. Last week there were a few headache events which I suspected were due to dehydration (I only managed to increase my water intake in the last few days).Week 12 and 13 were my most fatigued times. My motion sickness is lessening now. I still have gas occasionally, not as bad though. So I guess my "REAL" first trimester ended at the end of 13 weeks. 
Still not a big fan of instant noodles, and chocolates.

Next week I'm seeing the gynae to discuss the NT scan and blood test results. Hopefully everything's good InsyaAllah.

The DS test showed that I'm low risk, Alhamdulillah. However my urine shows some infection, so I needed to redo my urine test, if it still shows infection they'll call me up to collect my prescribed meds. It also shows that my haemoglobin was only 10.9, which is LOW. I was prescribed sangobion for 2 months and I think they'll do another blood test to see how it goes.