Monday, May 8, 2017

32 Wks +++

I did my last scan and my check up this morning.

Some updates:

- Baby is head down, in a correct position (that explains all the pressure down below)
- He weighs 1.9kg, about 43 percentile, all other measurements were normal, averaging in 37 percentile which means he's not too big not too small. However his femur length was on the 80 percentile which means he's got long legs.
- Still a boy XD, his elephant and his balls were clearly seen.
- To my husband's utter disappointment his nose seems to follow mine but who knows right?

My hemorrhoid is much much better Alhamdulillah. Still a little itchy after I pass motion and it still came out but afterwards will go back in. I religiously stick to the non spicy diet and consume more water and some servings of yogurt and fruits every day. The doctor was more concerned about my low blood count. During my 12 wk blood test it was 10.9, now it went down to 10.7. So she perscribed a higher dosage of iron pill. She also continued my Daflon to take every day plus the stool softener.

I can feel the baby's weight on my pelvis. Getting more difficult to walk now because everytime I walk he will wiggle and stretch and hit a nerve which is just so uncomfortable. If he's not moving it's just heavy. He is definitely hanging low.

Next appointment is in 2 more weeks. Getting closer to my D-day! I am so anxious. Hopefully this one will come early too! I don't think I can bear carrying this weight everywhere I go for 8 more weeks!!

Thursday, May 4, 2017

30 Wks +++

All these happened last week.. Because I was in so much pain I only managed to write about it now.

Long story short.. On Thursday, my piles came back, with a VENGEANCE! IT WAS HORRIBLE!!

Thursday (27 Apr)
- Morning passed motion. Piles came out as usual, I pushed it back in. Some came out and I just brushed it aside. Went to NTU, went to have lunch, went to NUH. I notice it had become more painful. When I saw my gynae she said it really looked bad and when I went to the toilet, touched it, the ones that came out were big!! My gynae gave me Daflon and lactulose since I still had the cream. I couldn't push it back in, it was hardened and painful.

I couldn't move! Sitting down irritates it, walking irritates it. All I could do was lay down. I was in so much pain otherwise. Going to pee was also painful. I didn't even have any desire to pass motion. I was hoping it would shrink soon.

It was still painful. Some part shrunk but most of it were still bulging. I tried soaking my butt in warm water which relieved it for a moment. Then to avoid friction I wrapped the piles in gauze. Which HURT when I took them off.

No progress. The piles started to bleed for no reason at all. I had to wear my menses pad on my back side to absorb the blood. I thought the piles popped. It kept on bleeding and I kept on sleeping on my sides. Some piles have shrunk but the front piles was as hard as ever without any signs of getting smaller.

Felt like the piles were smaller because I could sit! Then I went to Gardens by the bay with some friends having picnic. Reached home, soaked my butt in the basin and the blood was dripping and the piles skin was hanging down my butt! OMG! I was horrified and it stung. So I slept and let it rest.

I couldn't go to work again. The piles were still bloody and I wondered whether it was time for me to go to A&E and had it checked out. Since the bleeding kept on going. SO I WENT. I got there, saw the doctor, she took a look and said, "OK. I'm gonna try to push it back in" AND TO MY HORROR SHE DID!!! I CRIED AND SCREAMED. Halfway she stopped and told the nurse, "we'll stop first, give her some lidocaine gel and leave it on for a while then we'll try again " (I was still sobbing). So I waited about 30 minutes and I was pessimistic the numbing gel would work. And so she came back in again, and NO, the numbing gel DIDN'T HELP. She pushed it in all the way telling me to relax (WTH!?).
After that, the piles stayed in. I felt a slight relief but it was still a bit painful and stung.
She said the piles which stayed outside don't get the blood flow moving. Which makes it trapped there. And the bleeding was due to constant friction. I've had external piles before, they also bled, but resolved by itself in a few days. I suspected due to my ever growing belly the blood flow to my butt was not as it has always been, which caused it to delay the healing process. Piles were in but it still hurt to sit. So I lay sideways in the car on the way home.

I was on sick leave. I was feeling better. Tried to pass motion and managed to without irritating my existing piles. It did came out but soft enough to push back in. I was having second thoughts about going to colorectal specialist. I knew I needed to get moving to get my blood flowing to my butt. I am trying to keep my diet as fibrous as possible. I am going to eliminate chilli and spicy food from my diet, meat for a while, chips, heaty food, minimize carbs. I'm only taking DHA supplements, stopping iron and calcium for the moment. I'm taking garlic pills, vitamin C. I expect to do this all the way to my delivery date. For the sake of not suffering the same fate ever again. At least I want to prevent it from flaring up in this pregnancy.

So, lessons learned, whatever happens, keep that piles in, If you can't keep it in. DO NOT MOVE until it's back in. If it doesn't, just apply creams and limit movement. On every onset of piles, STOP spicy food for a time period. It's better than the pain over external bleeding hard piles.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

27 weeks

Yesterday I went for my yoga class. And in the morning I woke up with sore pelvis. I think yesterday I did too many poses that opened my legs wide apart. I am so scared that the SPD will come and visit me again soon. I'll try my best to rest and avoid aggravating it more... I wish it's just post exercise soreness and not SPD.

This means I must be more careful in the future. I read on the internet that I must avoid hip wide apart poses. Try to keep my legs together most of the time. And I need to inform my yoga instructor so I don't need to do poses that can further trigger my SPD. I checked with my previous blog that it was around this times that my SPD was triggered. Maybe because I'm entering my 3rd trimester that everything just became more loose. So far it's just sore. InsyaAllah it won't get worse with precautions.

I saw my gynae early this week. Did my OGTT test for gestational diabetes. They didn't call me so that means my test was good Alhamdulillah. As of this week I have gained 4 kgs. With previous pregnancy by this time I hv gained maybe almost 10kgs LOL.

Baby is moving actively. His movements are more on the lower abdomen area so sometimes he'd kick my bladder which was so uncomfortable. I'm also getting random Braxton Hicks daily, especially when I'm tired. I'm starting to feel uncomfortable in my pelvis area, like a pinching pain inside the channel. I'm not sure why.

My food intake seems to increase this week. So maybe within this month I can gain 1.5kg total. When he's moving I can recognize his bulging hands/knees/whatever was poking from the outside. I don't remember feeling this so soon before. I'm starting to get more tired compared to before... It just seems nowadays I need more zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

25 Weeks ++

This week I feel heavier... I'm getting bigger too. I think he has changed position. My sciatic nerve aren't as annoying anymore. It's still sore but not as bad.

Fatigue has started to hit me this week as I'm nearing my third trimester. My stomach also start to feel occasional tightening this week

So far I've gain maybe 3-4kg? According to my scale at home it's around 3kg. We're starting to look for names and we still haven't fixed anything yet.

At work I need to clear my report by early June, which is 2 months away. But it's not so bad, I just need to do it slowly.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

22 weeks ++

On Monday I saw my gynae and I got my travel letter! Alhamdulillah I'm clear to fly on the 11th March. Indonesia here we come!

Baby is kicking all the time now. My appetite is better, though I still only take rice once or twice every week. No more scan until early May.

End of March I'm supposed to do my DM blood test. Praying so hard everything goes smooth until delivery and beyond. InsyaAllah vaginal delivery if possible, smooth breastfeeding journey etc etc etc.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

My 21Week Scan

So yesterday I had my detail and gender scan. It took about half an hour. The baby was sleeping I guess he didn't stir much. It was difficult to check his spine due to the fact that he laid on his back.

At the beginning we found out the gender first. The sonographer asked whether I want to know the gender. I said yeah sure. You know already right, she said. Iwas like huh? (stared blank at the monitor). I did see some sort of a round thingy in between the legs. But isn't it supposed to look like a trunk? It's a BOY she said. My husband confirmed and said he saw something stuck out behind the ball which I was oblivious to.

Alhamdulillah all praises to God the baby has complete organs, so far everything is good. Developing normally. It's about 400grams now. I gained 1kg in a week which is good. BP was normal. InsyaAllah Allah will ease everything until birth and beyond.

So now that I know I'm carrying a boy a bit of pressure went off me.
Looking back kind of makes me think was there REALLY a difference pregnant with boys or girls?

Let's see whether my pregnancy fits the old wives tale...
1. Tummy low and grows forward -> true for me
2. Big appetite: : nope. This might be in fact my most un-appetizing pregnancy ever
3. Crave meat : i crave fruits, soup, and anything that is not RICE
4. More emotionally stable: True dat
5. My girl toddler is so attached to me :  true but maybe just coincidence? She's very independent and suddenly since beginning of the pregnancy she became overly attached. She even consistently predicted she'll have a brother
6. Crave salty : hmmmmm, not quite true. I do crave wafers once in a while
7. No morning sickness : Well, I do get night sickness, not morning sickness
8. Pregnancy glow : I do have good hair and skin even though small pimples broke out in the beginning.
9. Heart rate 140 and below: Nope, the first USG saw his heartrate was 168
10. Chinese gender chart: Well unfortunately, majority of the chinese calender I tested said girl.
So true for 4 out of 10?

From my personal experience the difference in pregnancies are:
1. The way I carry. Since the beginning the tummy have been sticking out. For both of my girls I started out all around.
2. Morning sickness. I don't get morning sickness, just night sickness and it never switched. With my girls I get morning AND evening sickness.
3. Appetite. With my girls, once the sickness subsided I ate like a monster. All that goes in, never comes out (at least in 2nd tri), and I have cravings. Various cravings. With this one, I eat to survive. I've never had horrible sickness but once I eat too much I throw up. NO cravings whatsoever. Because sometimes what I crave is not what I can eat. This is as I mentioned, my healthiest pregnancy ever. The only thing that I don't throw up when I overeat is FRUITS! And I crave fruits almost every single day and they say fruits cravings mean girl.
4. Lots of energy. Well, carrying girls maybe more exhausting. Because all I ever wanted to do with them was SLEEP. I always took afternoon naps with my girls. This one? I'm an energizer bunny until night sets in.
5. Sex drive. Carrying girls twice increased my sex drive. Carrying this boy, I think I could care less of when was the last time I did it hahahahaha
6. Cow milk consumption. I think this has nothing to do with gender. It just so happens that THIS time, I can drink low fat cow milk. I still can't bear full cream milk and ice cream. With my girls I couldn't take it. And they developed an allergy to milk and eczema.

Every pregnancy is different, but though pregnancies with both girls were different, there were similarities. Even though this third one is different there are some similarities.
But like I said, I'm feeling boy. And maybe it's a mother's instinct. In the end, a healthy baby is what is most important. So whatever gender it is, they are still a blessing.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

20 Weeks ++

Alhamdulillah! Half way to go!

Next week is my detail scan+my gender scan. So excited and anxious, I don't know, I hope so much for a boy but I don't want to be too disappointed if it's a girl.

We prepared names already. For a boy it's gonna be Altair Ra'uf, for girl it'll be Aeris Raifa. Altair is the name of the main character in PS game, assassin's creed. Ra'uf is one of the asmaul husna which means compassionate. Aeris is one of the character in FFVII game, Raifa is the female version of Ra'uf. So yes, this time the theme is VIDEO GAME CHARACTERS!!!!!

My husband is so into games we thought to put it onto one of our kids' names. I love Assasin's creed and FF, though I'm no gamer.

This week's update:

1. Still limited rice for me.... Seriously I can eat rice once a week!
2. Weight gain within this month I guess about 1-1.5kg. My stomach is expanding forward. So far no water retention anywhere.
3. Baby moves so actively now. Kicking, punching here and there. Turning about. It's so busy in there. It's still staying on my right side. It's so difficult to sleep now on my sides, especially my right side. .
4. I still vomit occasionally, especially if I overstuff myself.
5. Snacking wise, I eat go naturals fruits n nuts (expensive!!), fruits, nuts. Now trying to switch to plain HiLo milk, so far so good.
6. I got brownish discharge with pulling sensation below. Just to ensure everything's fine I went to A&E. Cervix was closed, no bleeding, only leftover brownish inside, heartbeat was found, no infection. So alhamdulillah everything was fine. The discharge came out from nowhere. Maybe from my ever expanding uterus. I do expand really fast these past 2-3 weeks.

Hoping for a healthy troublefree pregnancy and a smooth (hoping for normal vaginal) delivery.